My Kawaii Christmas

Happy New Year! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to blog and so much has happened since I did! Our little boy arrived into the world just over six weeks ago. I am loving being a Mum. I know it’s mushy, but when I wake up to smiles from my little one, I can’t help but have a good day. Of course, there are challenges that come along with having a new baby in the house, but we get through them. I’m slowly adjusting to weird sleeping patterns and having very little time to myself (sometimes my big achievement for the day is having a shower!) but in the end, our little one is healthy, happy and surrounded by a family that loves him. What more could I ask for?!?

Anyway, the reason for my post is not to get all mushy on you, but to finally get back to sharing some kawaii with you. I was very lucky and thanks to a lot of influence from my hubby, I had a very kawaii Christmas.

He was very sweet and arranged for lots of kawaii gifts from my relatives:

My Kawaii Christmas Gifts
Wasn’t I spoilt? 🙂 And this doesn’t include the kawaii gifts my hubby gave me himself…but I will save them for another post.

First up are five Disney letter sets from my parents:

Disney Letter Sets
I’ve wanted the Winnie the Pooh letter set since it first came out so I was immensely happy to find it amongst my Christmas gifts. Of course, I love them all, but I am particularly fond of the Pooh letter set and the Daisy letter set.

My uncle also gave me five letter sets. These ones were more kawaii:

Kawaii Letter Sets
I’ve been wishing for the White Animal Zoo series for ages. There are actually four in the set (my hubby gave me the fourth one). I love the other two sets too. I can’t help but adore kawaii bears and penguins!

The next collection of letter sets came from my Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law.

More Kawaii Letter Sets
I can’t pick a favourite amongst these. They are all so cute. I do seem to have a new attraction towards kawaii birds though and especially love the bird cage set.

My Sister-In-Law steered away from letter sets but gave me the new Sentimental Circus series from San-X. I am sooooo happy! I adore Sentimental Circus and the Red Riding Hood range is probably my new favourite.

Sentimental Circus Memos
She gave me the new memos, mini memos and a notebook. Now I just have to find a special use for the notebook. 🙂

Finally, my Mum also found a collection of gel pens for me. She knows how much I love to use them for my penpalling and crafts.

Kawaii Gel Pens
Some of them are glitter, some are metallic and some are neon. I’m definitely going to have some fun with these!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peak at my Christmas gifts. I am very grateful to have family that spoil me so much and who go to the effort of finding gifts I truly love. I can hear my little one calling now, so I must sign off, but I will try to post more pictures soon!

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Regional Hello Kitty Memos

I adore Hello Kitty regional stationery. It’s not easy (or cheap) to find, but I love it and think it is definitely worth the effort to search for it! So, you can imagine how excited I was when I received this amazing swap in the mail – a folder full of Sanrio memos, including lots of regional Hello Kitty memos from my new friend in Japan!

Unfortunately, I can’t possibly show you every single memo she sent (there are too many), but hopefully you will enjoy these highlights.

The first page features nine different mini Hello Kitty regional memos:

Hello Kitty Regional Mini Memos
I especially love the one from Fukui in the bottom left corner. Could Hello Kitty dinosaurs be any cuter?

Another page in the album features some of the more recent Sanrio releases:

Sanrio Mini Memos
My favourites are the Little Twin Stars memos. I adore this particular range. Now I just have to track down the bigger memos and the letter sets. 🙂

Further along in the album is a page focused on Hello Kitty and Elmo:

Hello Kitty & Elmo Mini Memos
I missed most of this collection when it came out in 2010, so I’m very happy to have some mini memos.

The final page I want to share with you is another page of regional Hello Kitty memos. These ones are a little bigger than mini memos, but not quite as big as regular memos.

Hello Kitty Regional Memos
How cute are the sea life ones!?!

As an extra little surprise, she also included three adorable Hello Kitty letter sets:

Hello Kitty Letter Sets
Thank you so much for this amazing swap…especially the Hello Kitty regional memos! I hope you like all the Sanrio goodies I am sending in exchange. 🙂

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Disney Sticker Sacks

Today I needed a bit of a de-stress, so I thought I might put away my latest Disney sticker sacks. I got these from various sources over the past month or so. And I just thought they were so cute that I had to share them with you. 🙂

There are six Disney sticker sacks in total:

Disney Sticker Sacks
The first three are from the same brand. They were released exclusively in Japan, I think by one of their 100 Yen shop chains, but I’m not sure:

Disney Mickey Mouse Sticker Sacks
I’ve actually been looking for the sack on the right for over a year now as I just love its vintage style. I was so happy to finally find it and was pleasantly surprised to discover there were other sacks in the series as well. I wonder if I’ve missed any others!

The fourth sack was released by Kamio. I always love Kamio’s Disney sticker sacks and this one is no exception.

Kamio Disney Sticker Sacks
The sticker flakes themselves are a little smaller than I had expected, but still super cute!

The final two sticker sacks come from another Japanese company called Ensky. They often seem to release packets of ‘mini stickers’ but finding them is extremely difficult. I’m sure I’ve missed loads of them!

Disney Frozen Sticker Sacks
I love Ensky sticker sacks, but unfortunately, they are quite expensive (usually around 300Y). Each sack usually contains between around 20 and 35 designs but only one of each. Still, who can resist Frozen sticker flakes, right? 🙂

I love these new additions to my Disney sticker flakes collection and sorting through them today has certainly put me in a better mood. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at them too. If you do like these Disney sticker sacks, I’d appreciate it if you could please pin them to Pinterest. Thank you!

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Hello Kitty Laduree Stickers

I recently received an adorable Sanrio Hello Kitty package from my wonderful friend, Carla. She really spoilt me this one! Inside was a set of Hello Kitty Laduree stickers, a regional Hello Kitty memo pad and a cute Hello Kitty card.

Hello Kitty Laduree Stickers Package
The Hello Kitty Laduree stickers are adorable. They were released by Laduree under license from Sanrio. They are epoxy stickers accented with gold. As far as I know, you can only get them in Japan. They are dated 2011. I love them and am very grateful to have a set for my collection. 🙂

Hello Kitty Laduree Stickers
The pink one is probably my favourite, but I keep changing my mind. 🙂

Also in the package was a regional Hello Kitty memo pad dated 2007. Again, these are only available in Japan. Carla knows how much I love Hello Kitty regional items! I don’t know why, but I also have a soft spot for fruit themed items, so of course, I love the watermelon theme.

Hello Kitty Memo
The picture shows the two designs inside the memo pad. They are both cute, but I like the one on the left best.

And finally, there was this adorable Hello Kitty card:

Hello Kitty Card
It’s actually a pop-up card featuring a cute Hello Kitty garden scene inside.

Thank you so much Carla! I feel very spoilt! 🙂

If you like these Sanrio Hello Kitty pictures, especially the Hello Kitty Laduree stickers, please pin them to Pinterest.

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Mind Wave Favorite Sticker Sacks

Lately, I have been sorting and organising my kawaii sticker flakes collection. And believe me, it was about time! Everything was a mess and I had completely lost track of what I had. The only problem is, whenever I go through my sticker flakes, I have this really bad habit of buying more. I guess it’s inevitable! Lol.

Today I thought I would share a few of my new sticker sacks with you. They are from Mind Wave’s ‘Favorite’ series of sticker sacks. The first four follow a stationery theme.

Mind Wave Stationery Sticker Sacks

The back of the sacks show you the designs inside:

Mind Wave Stationery Sticker Sacks (Back)
It’s hard to choose a favourite, but I think I like the top two best. They look more fun to use for decorating pen pal letters. The clip stickers (top left) are a little on the small side though.

The themes of the other four sacks are a little more varied:

Mind Wave Animal Sticker Sacks
From top to bottom, they are Favorite Animal Sketches, Favorite Animal Stamps, Favorite Cameras and Favorite Tags. Again, the back of the sacks show the designs inside:

Mind Wave Animal Sticker Sacks (Back)
My favourite is definitely the animal stamps. Who doesn’t like stickers that look like postage stamps! 🙂 I do love the little bunny rabbit sticker flake in the animal sketches sack too.

These are just a handful of my new sticker sacks. As I get more organised, I will share some more of them with you. If you collect sticker flakes and ever want to swap with me, I’d love to hear from you. Just send me a message through the Contact link above. Thank you. 🙂

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My Long Unexplained Absence

I am very sorry for my unexplained loooooong absence. I’ve missed blogging incredibly, but my life took an unexpected turn towards the start of this year and I’m afraid blogging had to take a back seat for awhile.

Don’t worry though, the reason behind my silence is wonderful! I am expecting our first child. My husband and I are absolutely over the moon. We are so excited!

Baby Pooh & Eeyore Soft Toy

I have been very fortunate with my pregnancy too. I didn’t have morning sickness (just some indigestion) and everything has been going smoothly. The only real issue I have had is extreme tiredness. I slept through a lot of my first trimester. Once I entered the second trimester, things improved, but I am still tired all the time. That’s my main reason for not blogging for so long.

I have found that I have missed blogging enormously though, so I am going to try to get back to it this month. I am not sure how often I will be able to blog or what will happen once baby arrives, but I hope I will not have to let months go by without an entry. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how things go.

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Urouro Traveler Letter Sets

I found these Urouro Traveler letter sets in Japan last year and just thought they were adorable. They combine two of my favourite things – cute kawaii bears and travelling. 🙂

Urouro Traveler Letter Sets By Mind Wave
Urouro apparently means ‘to wander aimlessly.’ I love this idea. When we travel, we love to have plenty of time to just wander around and explore our location without a set timetable.

Both letter sets were released by popular kawaii brand, Mind Wave. The letter set on the left features four different designs while the letter set on the left is a single design set.

The first design in the big set is probably my favourite:

Urouro Traveler Letter Set Design 1
I love the map theme and the cute little north / south image in the top right corner.

The second design is perfect for fans of washi tape:

Urouro Traveler Letter Set Design 2
It looks a little like a scrapbook or travel journal with images of photos supposedly taped on with washi tape. I like how the paper has a grid pattern too, instead of the regular straight lines.

The third design follows a postage stamp theme:

Urouro Traveler Letter Set Design 3
I particularly like the envelope from this design and the different shaped stamps scattered around its edges.

The last design from the large Urouro Traveler letter set focuses on being a tourist.

Urouro Traveler Letter Set Design 4
It features a cute little bear with his camera going out and seeing the sights.

The large letter set also came with a big sheet of Urouro Traveler stickers:

Urouro Traveler Letter Set Stickers
I love the hula dancing bears! Lol. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to bring myself to use these stickers. They are just too cute!

I haven’t actually opened the single design Urouro Traveler letter set, but as you can see, it follows a very similar theme to the others. The envelope features a map motif, while the paper features three cute little bears at the bottom and the cute north / south image at the top.

Urouro Traveler Letter Set
I hope Mind Wave will release some more items featuring this theme. I’d particularly love to find some Urouro Traveler stickers…or perhaps even some more Urouro Traveler letter sets. 🙂

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Captain Hello Kitty Memo Pads

Did you know Hello Kitty has gone rogue? Well, at least for the Captain Hello Kitty range she has. I fell in love with these Captain Hello Kitty memo pads as soon as I saw them. I mean, have you ever seen cuter pirates!

Captain Hello Kitty Memo Pads from Sanrio Puroland
I believe these memo pads were only ever released at Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, Japan in 2012. Not only do I think they are adorable, but I love how so many characters have been incorporated into the designs. And My Melody makes a great first mate!

Each memo pad has two different designs inside. The first features Captain Hello Kitty with her treasure on one design and the whole pirate crew on the other.

Captain Hello Kitty Memo Pads from Sanrio Puroland 1
The second Captain Hello Kitty memo pad follows a ‘Most Wanted’ theme. As you can see from the cover, Hello Kitty, My Melody, Badtz Maru and Cinnamoroll all have a price on their heads. The designs inside feature the same head shots as the cover:

Captain Hello Kitty Memo Pads from Sanrio Puroland 2
On the third memo pad, Captain Hello Kitty has a treasure map which, based on the designs inside, appears to lead to a huge yellow gemstone.

Captain Hello Kitty Memo Pads from Sanrio Puroland 3
The final memo pad features Captain Hello Kitty, her crew and her pirate ship. If you look closely, you can see her Sanrio crew scattered all over the ship and Cinnamoroll playing look out.

Captain Hello Kitty Memo Pads from Sanrio Puroland 4
Do you have a favourite Captain Hello Kitty memo pad? I can’t decide. I love them all! I just wish they made letter sets with this design! If you love them too, I’d really appreciate it if you would pin them to Pinterest. Thank you so much!

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