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Hello Kitty Kimono Memo Pads

Hello Kitty Koubou Memo Pads - The Cutest Hello Kitty Shop In Kyoto

My favourite Hello Kitty memo pads are those that are released only in Japan. Most of these are regional releases and tend to feature Hello Kitty either dressed in a kimono in a Japanese setting or dressed as a mascot … Continue reading

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The Cutest Hello Kitty Shop In Kyoto

Hello Kitty Koubou Plush - The Cutest Hello Kitty Shop In Kyoto

I have visited a lot of cute kawaii shops all over Japan, but there is one store that stands out from them all – Hello Kitty Koubou in Kyoto. It is the cutest, most authentic Japanese Sanrio store I have … Continue reading

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Rilakkuma Squishies

Rilakkuma Strawberry Squishies

Since Faith shared her wonderful Rilakkuma collection with us, I thought I might show you a tiny part of my own Rilakkuma collection – two Rilakkuma strawberry squishies. In reality, my Rilakkuma collection is quite small. I have plenty of … Continue reading

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Faith’s Rilakkuma Plushie Collection

Faith's Rilakkuma Plushie Collection 1

Today I have something a little bit special for you. Faith, from Rilakkuma Lifestyle has agreed to share a little of her amazing Rilakkuma collection with you. I stumbled across Faith’s blog several months ago and have been oohing and … Continue reading

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Tuxedo Sam Memo Pad

Tuxedo Sam Sanrio Memo Pad

Tuxedo Sam was always a favourite character of mine, but even as a child, it was hard to find Sanrio merchandise featuring this adorable little penguin. So, when I spotted a Tuxedo Sam memo pad at Sanseido Stationery in Osaka, … Continue reading

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Books By Me

Guide To Kawaii Shopping In Tokyo Japan

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first novel when I was just 11 years old. Of course, it wasn’t any good, but it was a mammoth effort at the time. Now, I … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty At Ginkaku-ji

Hello Kitty At Ginkaku-ji Memo Pad

Yesterday I wrote about our visit to Ginkaku-ji, otherwise known as the Silver Pavilion. So, today I thought I would share my favourite Ginkaku-ji souvenir – a Sanrio memo pad featuring Hello Kitty at Ginkaku-ji. I adore this memo pad. … Continue reading

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More Kawaii Christmas Gifts

Kawaii Bears Letter Sets

You’ve now seen all the wonderful kawaii gifts my sweet hubby gave me for Christmas, but what I didn’t mention in my last blog post was that he also arranged for some of my family to give me kawaii gifts … Continue reading

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