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Ginkaku-ji And The Silver Pavilion

Ginkaku-ji Silver Pavilion

We visited Ginkaku-ji, otherwise referred to as the Silver Pavilion, on the third day of our trip to Japan in September 2013. We had actually planned to go to Okayama that day, but due to a typhoon further north, most … Continue reading

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Christmas Gifts From Japan

Washi Paper Box From Takayama Japan

Many of the Christmas gifts we gave this Christmas were gifts we found in Japan. As you saw yesterday, many of them were chocolates and candy from Japan, but that’s not all we brought back. Our suitcases were filled with … Continue reading

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Japanese Candy For Christmas

Traditional Japanese Candy From Kawagoe

Since you’ve seen some of the wonderful Christmas gifts I received this Christmas, I thought you might like to see some of the gifts my husband and I gave. We did most of our Christmas shopping in Japan so many … Continue reading

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Japanese Pasta Recipe

Anyone have this Japanese Pasta Recipe?

Food courts in Japan are amazing. Of course, they have their usual selection of fast food (usually a McDonalds, KFC and/or Mos Burger) but they also feature a wide range of Japanese specialities, including noodles, omurice and much more. We … Continue reading

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Disney Gachapon

Disney Sticker Flakes Gachapon Boxes

Gachapon are a multi-billion dollar a year industry in Japan and can be found almost everywhere across the country – in shops and shopping centres, outside game centres, at major tourist attractions and even on street corners. There are always … Continue reading

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Stationery Shopping In Osaka

Where To Find Kawaii Stationery In Osaka

Stationery shopping in Osaka was high on my priority list for our trip to Japan but squeezing it into our itinerary was not easy. My wonderful hubby is very sweet and extremely patient with all my shopping, but he does … Continue reading

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Kyoto Yodobashi

Where To Find Gachapon In Kyoto

Yodobashi Camera is well known for their huge computer and electronics stores all over Japan. They have branches Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and lots of other cities around Japan. Usually when you see them mentioned on a travel blog, it’s because … Continue reading

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Rilakkuma Lawson Promotion

Rilakkuma Mug From Lawson

Convenience stores are everywhere in Japan. When we are in Japan, we often visit them to pick up snacks and drinks. In particular, we tend to visit them last thing at night to pick up something for breakfast the next … Continue reading

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