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Sentimental Circus Gift

Sentimental Circus Mug

This morning a wonderful surprise package arrived on my doorstep from my friend Linda. It was wrapped in adorable Sesame Street wrapping paper and I couldn’t wait to get it open. 🙂 It did take me a little while to … Continue reading

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Kyoto Yodobashi

Where To Find Gachapon In Kyoto

Yodobashi Camera is well known for their huge computer and electronics stores all over Japan. They have branches Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and lots of other cities around Japan. Usually when you see them mentioned on a travel blog, it’s because … Continue reading

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Rilakkuma Lawson Promotion

Rilakkuma Mug From Lawson

Convenience stores are everywhere in Japan. When we are in Japan, we often visit them to pick up snacks and drinks. In particular, we tend to visit them last thing at night to pick up something for breakfast the next … Continue reading

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Hobo Hobo Wombat From San-X

Hobo Hobo Wombat Memos

Hobo Hobo Wombat is one of San-X’s new characters. I stumbled across him on one of my last days in Japan. I only found two memo pads (a regular size memo and a mini memo) so unfortunately I don’t know … Continue reading

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Kawaii Plastic Folders

Kawaii Plastic Folders

I’m still unpacking and getting myself organised again after our trip to Japan, so I’m afraid this is another shopping post. This time I thought I would share pictures of the plastic folders I picked up on our trip. I … Continue reading

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Sentimental Circus Jigsaw Puzzle

Sentimental Circus Jigsaw Puzzle 2

One of my favourite things to buy in Japan is jigsaw puzzles. I know jigsaw puzzles are not the first thing that come to mind when you think of shopping in Japan, but I have loved jigsaws since I was … Continue reading

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Kawaii Letter Sets Swap

Kawaii Letter Sets

Yesterday was another wonderful mail day for me as I received an envelope full of cute kawaii letter sets from my friend, Carla. They are a sweet mix of letter sets from both Sanrio and San-X…and I love them all! … Continue reading

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Kogepan Letter Sets

Kogepan Letter Sets 1

I’ve just been sorting through some of my vintage San-X Kogepan letter sets so I thought I would share some of them with you. They were released between 2000 and 2005. Kogepan means burnt bread. He is a character based … Continue reading

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