Hobo Hobo Wombat From San-X

Hobo Hobo Wombat From San-X

Hobo Hobo Wombat is one of San-X’s new characters. I stumbled across him on one of my last days in Japan. I only found two memo pads (a regular size memo and a mini memo) so unfortunately I don’t know if they have released anything else with this character yet. I hope they do. As an Australian, it’s so nice to see an Australian animal that isn’t a koala or kangaroo!

Anyway, here are the memos I found. Aren’t they cute!

Hobo Hobo Wombat Memos
The large memo has eight different Hobo Hobo Wombat designs, each as cute as the others. These are four of the designs inside:

Hobo Hobo Wombat Memos 2
Hobo Hobo Wombat Memos 3
They are also double-sided, which I love. The back isn’t as colourful as the front (the backs are all pink and white print), but they are still cute. It also means there is lots of extra space for writing notes to your friends. Thank you, San-X! 🙂

Hobo Hobo Wombat Memo Back
And, as with most regular-sized memo pads, they also come with a sheet of stickers. Personally, I love the stickers where Hobo Hobo Wombat is in a grocery bag. They just make me smile.

Hobo Hobo Wombat Stickers
The mini memo is just as cute too. What really surprised me with the mini memo though is that there are four designs inside instead of the regular two designs. I love this idea and I hope San-X continues to make mini memos this way. It’s great to have the extra variety! These are two of the designs inside:

Hobo Hobo Wombat Mini Memos
I hope San-X releases more Hobo Chan Wombat items in the future. They’ll certainly have a customer in me if they do!

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