Oreo Truffles

Oreo Truffles

Have you tried Oreo truffles? I made these for Christmas and they are soooo good! I didn’t actually put them out for Christmas lunch though. As you can see from my Christmas lunch blog post, we already had too much food. 🙂 But, that just meant my hubby, my parents and I were able to enjoy them for several days after Christmas.

Oreo Truffles For Christmas
The middle of the truffles is very easy to make. It’s just mashed up Oreo cookies (I put them in a zip-lock bag and hit them with a rolling pin to squash them) and cream cheese mixed together and rolled into a ball. There are recipes all over the internet if you want to give them a go.

The hard part was dipping them in chocolate. To melt the chocolate, I just put it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, until it was melted. I then worked through the Oreo truffles, one at time. To dip a truffle, I first put it on a toothpick. I then dipped it in the chocolate, making sure it was fully coated. The tricky part was to then get the truffle off the toothpick and onto a tray. I used a teaspoon to help me, but I did make a few blunders. Still, plenty of them turned out well enough to serve.

Oreo Truffle Close-Up
Before I put them in the fridge to set, I added a few decorations to each one.

I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I don’t think I’ll make them again for awhile. They are delicious but definitely not healthy! They are evil! 🙂 Maybe I’ll make them for my birthday or perhaps I will wait until next Christmas. If you like them and want to give making Oreo truffles a go yourself, please Pin these pictures to Pinterest.

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