Disney In Kyoto

Disney In Kyoto

Regional Hello Kitty goods are abundant in Japan. Everywhere you go, there seems to be Hello Kitty memo pads, phone accessories or towels. And, I love it! But, what about Disney? Regional Disney goods are few and far between so I was thrilled when I found this set of three mini memos pads featuring Mickey Mouse and Friends at Kinkaku-ji (the Golden Pavilion). Disney has been visiting Kyoto!

Disney In Kyoto Mini Memo Pads
They are part of a ‘Disney On Tour’ collection of goods released throughout Japan. Sadly, I haven’t seen anything else released from this range.

The first memo pad features Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto. Both are wearing traditional Japanese attire. Minnie Mouse looks so cute with her red parasol and purple flowers on her head

Disney In Kyoto Mini Memo Pads - Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse
Goofy and Pluto star on the second memo pad. Goofy is pulling a rickshaw while Pluto appears to be climbing Kinkaku-ji.

Disney In Kyoto Mini Memo Pads - Goofy & Pluto
The final memo pad features Donald and Daisy Duck. This would be my favourite design, except I wish they were both smiling a bit more. I love Daisy’s kimono (purple is my favourite colour!).

Disney In Kyoto Mini Memo Pads - Donald Duck & Daisy Duck
It’s always nice to see Disney adapting a Japanese look. I hope they do more of it in the future. Strangely enough, I purchased these Disney memo pads at the gift shop at Ginkaku-ji (the Silver Pavilion), not at Kinkaku-ji. I guess you never know what you might find when you go shopping in Japan! 🙂

I hope you think these are as cute as I do. I’d love to hear which Disney in Kyoto memo pad is your favourite. Please leave a comment below and let me know.

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