Letter Sets And Sticker Flakes

Letter Sets And Sticker Flakes

Two adorable kawaii letter sets have just arrived in the mail from Japan. They were both released earlier this year by popular kawaii brand, Pool Cool. One is a teddy bear letter set and the other is a panda letter set. They are super cute! But the best thing about them is that they come with matching sticker sacks too!

The teddy bear set features an adorable family of colourful bears and bunnies. It follows a zodiac theme so there are also a few star sign motifs like a cute little sheep and a crab.

Kawaii Bear Letter Set
The second letter set features lots of cute happy pandas. I was planning on using this set to write some pen pal letters. After all, who wouldn鈥檛 smile if they received a letter on this paper? However, I think all my swapper friends are going to want this one for their collection! Perhaps I should have bought two. 馃檪

Kawaii Panda Letter Set
And, of course, then there are the sticker sacks. Each sack contains four different sticker flakes and ten of each. They鈥檙e a great addition to my sticker flake collection. I can鈥檛 wait to add them to my albums!

Pool Cool Sticker Sacks
I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures. I鈥檒l share more of my kawaii collection with you again soon.

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